About InssTek



A leading frontier of Metal 3D Printing Company

InssTek is a leading metal 3D printing company in the Additive Manufacturing market.
InssTek was established in 2001 to develop and commercialize metal 3D printing technology.
The DMT® Metal 3D Printing Technology is developed by its own technical skills that ease to manufacture complex shapes of products.
InssTek provides new and wide range solutions to leverage operational effectiveness for customers.
InssTek offers user-friendly environment to provide customized 3D metal printing process from design to manufacture products with its software including MX-OS and Magics.

  1. 2001


    InssTek Foundation InssTek was established in collaboration with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

  2. 2003


    DMT® Trademark Registration DMT® (Direct Metal Tooling Technology) registered as a trademark of InssTek

  3. 2006


    MX-2 Development InssTek developed a standard metal 3D printing system, MX-2 for R&D purpose

  4. 2007


    MX-3, a standard DMT metal 3D printer development InssTek developed a standard system MX-3 for mid-large sized metal structure printing

  5. 2008


    MX-CAM software development InssTek developed MX-CAM software to provide easy-to-use interface


    Received a US patent for auto-tracking technology InssTek received a patent for real-time monitoring and controlling the intensity of laser powder

  6. 2011


    Delivered MX-4 to a leading home appliance company MX-4, a standard DMT metal 3D printer was developed and delivered to a leading home appliance company in South Korea for R&D purpose

  7. 2012


    Machine for Porous Coating (MPC) system development InssTek developed a custom medical system for porous coating


    5 & 3 axis MX-4, a standard metal 3D printing system development

  8. 2014


    Research and Development Agreement with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) InssTek was selected as a KAERI member to develop R&D on 3D printing technology

  9. 2015


    Developed a CAM Program, Magics for InssTek V2.0 with Materialise


    First market footprint in Japan The standard system, MX-450 sold to a leading electronic company in Japan


    Dr. Doohoon SUN was appointed as CEO of InssTek
    A standard metal 3D printing system, MX-250 sold to Europe


    Headquarters relocation to Daedeok Science Town in Daejeon InssTek moved its headquarters to reinforce business and organizational structure

  10. 2016


    Received Product Custom Union (CU) Certification by Russia
    Partnership with Z3DLAB, France to develop metal powders Developing metal powders for aerospace and medical application


    MX-Grande, the world’s largest metal 3D printing system was sold to Russia


    A specialized MX system for material development was sold to Germany


    MX-mini launching MX-mini, the world’s first desktop metal 3D printer was launched at formnext 2016

    Exhibit in formnext 2016 InssTek attended formnext 2016 exhibition with MX-mini, the new desktop metal printing system with DMT®​ technology


    Winning orders to export metal 3D printers to European countries InssTek wins orders to export metal 3D printers to Russia and Germany

  11. 2017


    Entered into new reseller agreements with Dormac CNC Solutions (Netherlands), REIMMANN AG (Switzerland) and SGM (Iran)


    Entered into new global partnership agreements with DKSH (Republic of Korea), Smart Print (Ukraine) and Tecmahe (Argentina)

    Certified to ISO 9001:2015 InssTek's design, development and manufacture of industrial metal 3D printer​ certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard as of 22nd March