About InssTek


Chief Executive Officer​

Dr. Doo-Hoon SUN

Dr. Doo-Hoon SUN is a CEO of InssTek and he was elected as a CEO from Jan 2015.
He transformed organization to strength metal 3D printing business from laboratory org. He has been a board member of directors in InssTek since 1993.
He devised the innovative method that incorporates surface treatment of artificial joints & implants by using the metal 3D printing technology and it has been succeeded to apply for artificial joints & implants.

  • 2015 ~ CurrentCEO, InssTek
  • 2000 ~ CurrentChairperson, Sun Medical Center
  • 2000 ~ CurrentCEO, Corentec Co., Ltd
  • 2012Awarded for the innovative application of metal 3D printing by President
  • 2010Winner of Otto Aufranc Award
  • 1990 ~ 2000Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor, Catholic University
  • MD, Medical School at Catholic University, South Korea